Welcome to The Credible Nerds and the Random Angst Productions website! This site is a place to read posts and listen to podcasts about books, movies, comic books, TV shows, and other types of media.

The Credible Nerds are Marc and Justin and we host several podcasts under the Random Angst Productions banner. For those of you that are wondering, “What exactly is Angst and what does it mean?”.  Angst is defined as "a feeling of dread, anxiety, or anguish" on Dictionary.com. In any good story, whether it be on television, in a book, a comic, or on film, one or more characters experience a moment when they have to make a major decision that typically redefines their life. This decision usually comes at a key moment in the story and causes them a lot of anxiety and/or anguish. This is their defining moment and usually a defining moment in the story. This is the angst we are referring to.

For example, in the Star Wars prequel trilogy (Episodes 1-3), specifically in Episode 3, Revenge of the Sith, Anakin Skywalker has to make a difficult decision whether or not to listen Mace Windu and stay in the Jedi Temple, or whether he should go and intervene to prevent Chancellor Palpatine from possibly getting killed. This decision goes even deeper as recently Palpatine had revealed to Anakin that he was the Sith Lord they had been searching for, but that only he held the key to saving his wife Padme from death. This indecision and uncertainty brought Anakin a lot of angst and ultimately pushed him into making the decision that he made to side with his friend, Palpatine instead of the Jedi. This moment and decision that Anakin made changed the whole direction of the Star Wars Saga, as he ultimately fell from the light and became the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader.


In the original trilogy (Episodes 4-6) of the Star Wars Saga, Luke Skywalker has to make a simliar decision in each movie. In Episode 4, A New Hope, Luke has to decide if he will join Ben Kenobi and go to Alderaan, or go back to his aunt and uncle's home and stay on the farm on Tatooine. He decides to stay on Tatooine, but ultimately is pushed by tragedy to leave Tatooine. In The Empire Strikes Back, while on Dagobah Luke has to decide to stay and train with Yoda to at last become a Jedi Knight or to go save his friends on Cloud City. He decides to leave Dagobah against the counsel of Yoda and things don't go the way he was hoping they would, as he is defeated by Darth Vader. In The Return of the Jedi, during the final duel between Vader and Emperor Palpatine, Luke has to decide to join the Sith or destroy them. He decides to not kill Vader AND to not join Sidious and instead declare himself a Jedi and throw his weapon down. These feelings of angst that Luke experiences during these moments of decisions, greatly affect the story in key moments and ultimately change Luke Skywalker.


In another example, in the book and movie - The Fellowship of the Ring from The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Frodo Baggins has delivered The One Ring to Rivendell and believes his quest to be over. However, as the Council decides what to do next and to determine who will take the Ring to Mordor, there is fighting and disagreement amongst the Council members. Frodo then makes a decision that changes the direction of the story and ultimately who he is. He decides that he will be the one to take the Ring to Mordor and cast it into the fire to destroy it.


These difficult decisions cause these characters great angst and it is this conflict and anxiety that lead the characters to discover who they are and what they are capable of. This angst leads to great character development and also to a greater story. This is the Angst we seek in Random Angst.

The Random in Random Angst is simple. We don't just focus on one type of story telling medium, or one type of genre as we enjoy any great story, regardless of medium or genre. We will address anything and everything nerdy and discuss it.  You never know what we will talk about next, as it's random.

Thanks for looking into our site and I hope you stick around and join the conversation and listen to our podcast!